The One That Started It All…

You know those adoption stories where people say they immediately fell in love with their dog? Well, this is not one of those. Toby came into our shelter when I had only been working there about a month. I didn’t know much about dogs at that point but I was sure he would love me right away. It didn’t quite go that way…

The first time I went to visit with him he barked at me like he wanted to eat me. If it wasn’t for my coworker insisting that we were meant to be I would have said forget it right then and there. He clearly didn’t like me and I didn’t feel an instant connection. But I figured I should give it some time. So I kept trying to convince him I wasn’t so terrible. I’m not sure when it happened but all of a sudden he decided he trusted me. And I decided I couldn’t live without him.

I have since realized that Toby is my favorite type of dog. The type where you have to work a little bit for that bond. It isn’t instant but it is so worth it. Seven years later and we are inseparable. He has been through it all with me and I know I couldn’t have done it without him. But most of all I thank him for making me realize I am meant to be helping other dogs just like him.


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